The legend of the Raven Queen has been passed down in this village for generations: anyone who crosses her path is cursed to decay from the inside out.

Val wonders why.

(A lesbian gothic visual novel. There are 4 different endings)


Thank you so much for playing!


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I LOVE this game! hunting all the endings, currently.


hi ! my wife and i are really interested in playing this together, but it has pretty severe emetophobia; is there any way we could get some more info on when/where/how the v* scene is? thank you !!

hello there! im so glad the two of you want to play this together and if you are able, I hope you enjoy! :)

there are two possible branches where the main character v*s towards the end of the game. in one of the branches she does twice. the action itself is not visualized, but there is a short description + a sound effect each time. worms are also involved.

if you want, you can email me at and i can pass along the choices you can pick that would avoid the v* scene(s)  :)


This was so polished and interesting!! Absolutely loved this !!


I really enjoyed this quick, engaging gothic visual novel. Artfully captures the tone of a melancholy fairy tale with spare, evocative visuals and sound design. Perfect for autumn!


the level of polish here is blowing my mind. how hard did you work on this? it's astounding how much you got done in such a short time! every one of the background paintings enchanted me.


gorgeous art, great use of sequences and animation, very evocative... I got the good end because I'm a pro gamer